How to Pressure Wash Your Deck

pressure washing

Whether your backyard deck is wood or composite, you should plan on cleaning it periodically if you want to maintain its beauty. This kind of maintenance cleaning, when done correctly, will add years to your deck. Additionally, it can save you valuable time and money in the long run.

Why Pressure Wash Your Deck?

The pressure washer helps to remove embedded dirt and other contaminants from your deck. When you hire a professional technician to pressure wash your deck, they will know how much pressure to apply, depending on the surface of your deck. The kinds of cleaners used in pressure washing depend on the surface of your deck. Cleaners come in all shapes and colors. Some are detergents, others are bleaches, and some are explicitly designed to treat specific wood types. Keep in mind that the right tool and cleaner can make all the difference.

Preparing Your Deck

To prep for the job, sometimes lightly watering down the deck can help you with applying and spreading the cleaning solutions. Many solutions should not be allowed to dry on the wood, which means that periodic spraying may be required. You will be able to see results either right away or after some time, depending on how dirty your deck is. Once you have scrubbed your deck, you are now ready for rinsing.

The Soft Washing Process

At Extreme Carpet Care & Restoration, we use a soft washing process that follows a specific set of steps. First, we inspect the area and identify any particular concerns. We loosen any dirt, cobwebs, and other debris using bristle brushes. Additionally, we wet the nearby plants and grass. We then begin to wash the deck using temperature-controlled water and low pressure. Next, we apply the cleaning solution and use the soft bristle brushes to loosen and remove dirt. After allowing some time for the cleaner to remove the dirt, we then rinse the deck using a low pressure of water. Finally, after the rinse, we thoroughly inspect the area to ensure that all areas have been cleaned.

Hire a Professional Firm

Extreme Carpet Care & Restoration has an incredible team of pressure washing specialists. We use a low-pressure washing method, which will not damage your deck. In addition, the solutions that we use are safe and environmentally friendly. Our skilled team has experience with cleaning solutions and pressure washing systems, and we promise high quality. Feel free to contact us today to get started with cleaning your deck.


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