Fire and Smoke Restoration

When you need fire and smoke restoration at your home or business, count on Extreme Carpet Care & Restoration. We’re experts in making your home feel like home again and getting your business back in business, quickly, after a fire. Dangerous heat, smoke and toxic fumes from a structure fire damage your property in a variety of ways–and water damage occurs from firefighting efforts. After the immediate danger has passed, fire leaves you with a sooty, ugly mess in place of your valuable flooring. Don’t despair — take action and get professional assistance 24/7, from Extreme Carpet Care & Restoration.

Quick, Expert Fire Damage Mitigation and Restoration

We perform fast and effective smoke restoration and mitigation services to make your property comfortable, functional, attractive and odor-free once again. We restore or remove blackened, ruined carpet and flooring in your home, office building or retail store.

What to Do After a Fire

Once the fire department leaves the scene:

  • Stay safe: Don’t enter an area that appears unstable or where fumes and debris could enter your lungs.
  • Mitigate damages: Insurance companies require that you minimize secondary fire damage after the fire department leaves your property.
  • Secure the area: Board up and/or cover property to secure it from sustaining additional damage from exposure to vandalism, theft or the outdoor elements.
  • Call your insurance company: The insurance adjuster and contractor evaluate damage and estimate reconstruction work/costs.
  • Property manager (or you, the owner) calls in Extreme Carpet Care & Restoration.
  • We take care of the rest. We get your floors back to normal–fast.

Call in the Smoke Restoration Experts

When an emergency, accident or natural disaster occurs–we restore your carpeting or hardwood flooring. If your Tallahassee home or business property sustains smoke damage and partial destruction from fire, contact us anytime! We are on duty 24 hours a day for emergency smoke mitigation and fire restoration of your flooring. You can rely on the experienced and dedicated at Extreme Carpet Care & Restoration. We serve Tallahassee and surrounding areas. We’re ready to help! Call us at 850-422-2227.

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