Sandblasting is a process used to clean or resurface an item, such as a car or even a house. Sandblasting removes unwanted paint, rust or other material that was previously applied to or clinging to a metal, glass, wooden or other object. This may be done to prepare the surface for painting, for example. Sandblasting may also be used to etch a design into the surface of an object.

How Does Sandblasting Work?

Sandblasting removes surface material by shooting out abrasives, grit or other uniformly sized particles from the nozzle of a compressed air pressure gun. It’s important to choose the right air pressure, angle and abrasive to achieve the desired effect without damaging the object being sandblasted.

Sandblasters: Choosing The Right Equipment for the Job

There are many kinds of sandblasting equipment, some smaller and more portable than others, including:

  • Gravity-fed sandblasters use gravity to draw in the abrasive material from a container on top of the air pressure gun or compressor.
  • Siphon sandblasters works almost the same way as gravity-fed, but instead the siphon model sucks the abrasive from a container below the device.
  • Pressure sandblasters use pressurized containers of abrasive. Sand or other abrasive cannot be re-used or reloaded into the container. New pressurized container(s) are purchased as needed to continue or complete the job.

Sandblasters vary in size from small, handheld models for etching small items to cabinet units to large units carried on trucks. Besides using the right size sandblasting equipment, using the right sandblasting media in the equipment is crucial for a successful sandblasting job.

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