Dustless Blasting is a quick, clean, cool and effective way of sandblasting that controls dust during the process. When you need a surface prepared for painting or other needs, professional dustless blasting offers an elegant solution, without generating excess heat or dust. We use powerful, super-efficient tools to blast away surface impurities, leaving you with smooth (or rough) surface–depending upon you needs.

Dustless Blasting: Why is it So Fast?

At Extreme Blasting of Tallahassee, we select the proper abrasive for your surface, mixed with the right amount of water, to do the job in half the time of other sandblasting methods. Wet blasting material hits the surface harder, working more effectively.

Dustless Blasting is Clean

Water drastically reduces messy, potentially harmful airborne clouds of dust in the job area. Abrasives simply settle to the ground near/under the job. With plastic tarp spread out in advance, spent blasting material can be rolled up for disposal.

Why Hire Extreme Blasting: The Advantages of Professional Dustless Blasting

  • Quick and cost-effective. You save time and money.
  • Easy clean-up. Minimal mess with little airborne dust.
  • Environmentally friendly abrasive options. We use a variety of effective abrasive materials in the blasting tank, which are heavier than water and trash-free, with a uniform particle size. The most eco-friendly and versatile option is made from recycled glass bottles
  • Safe and minimally disruptive for people nearby, with no major containment measures needed
  • No warping or surface damage with skilled, professional Dustless Blasting services. Before blasting, we mask any chrome or glass on your vehicle to avoid damage. Our wet blast medium creates less friction-related heat to prevent warping. In addition, we use the right amount of pressure to sandblast your surface without damaging it. For a vehicle hood, for instance, we use a twenty-degree angle and a safe PSI that gets the job done quickly, without reshaping the surface.
  • Your rust-free surface is ready to paint in under 2 hours (for standard vehicles). Our sandblasting professionals add a rust inhibiting formula to the blasting mix, which temporarily (up to 24 hours) protects the surface from rusting. We also rinse your surface with rust-inhibitor after completing the job.

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