Pet Odor & Stain Removal

Pet Damage Repair
Despite being one of the family pets do, from time to time, damage your floors. Some common problems that we routinely see with pets include open seams, wrinkles and bald spots. The professionals here at Extreme Carpet Care have the technical skills needed to tackle your damaged areas.

Discolorations & Red Stains
If you have children you are well aware of how often and how easily stains appear! Typical discolorations result from markers, dye, stains from food or children drinks and even paint. Coming home and finding one these spots can easily ruin your day, but don’t worry!  Extreme Carpet Care can make those spots disappear.

Burn Marks
Carpet burns are an unsightly issue that are not easily repaired by a homeowner. Our technicians have a lot of experience in burn repair. Call Extreme Carpet Care today for a free phone estimate!

Bleached Spots & Spot Dyeing

Many people feel that bleached areas can not be repaired because there is no “stain” to remove! Extreme Carpet Care is the answer you are looking for! We would be happy to give you a FREE phone quote.

Quick, Convenient and Friendly Service

We pride ourselves on providing efficient service while being friendly!

Licensed and Certified

There are many “cleaning specialist” in the area, but are they certified, licensed and insured.

Emergency Cleanings Available

24/7 Emergency Repair Service available.

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We are waiting to hear from you!  We can schedule a service today and get your carpets looking their best again.

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