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Lots of projects start with sandblasting, whether they involve commercial buildings, patio furniture, or just making any surface smoother. Almost any household project that involves a texture change should start with sandblasting. At Extreme Blasting, we can take care of this part of your project so that you don’t have to do it yourself.

What is Sandblasting?

Think of sandblasting as sandpaper taken to its most extreme level. With sandblasting, we shoot an abrasive substance at a surface using controlled air pressure. The grit removes things like old paint, rust, splinters, and other things that can make a surface rough.

What We Do

At Extreme Blasting, we have several resurfacing options for everything from rusty tools to entire sidewalks. We offer sandblasting, which is the general term for resurfacing with grit. The process usually uses – as you might have guessed – sand. General sandblasting works for most projects, especially large ones, and is the default option.

Next, we offer soda blasting, which offers a gentler solution for smaller projects. It’s the preferred choice for smaller or more delicate projects that need a lighter approach.

Finally, there’s ductless sandblasting. Ductless sandblasting is a controlled solution that allows for precise aim. It doesn’t generate too much heat or dust, and it’s a great choice for precise paint projects.

Why Choose Us?

Why choose Extreme Blasting for your resurfacing needs? There are lots of reasons why our clients trust us. Here are just a few.

  • Options and Expertise – Between our sandblasting, soda blasting, and ductless sandblasting options, we give our clients choices for their specific projects. We have years of experience and expertise on our side, so we can advise which approach is right for each project. With our expertise, we also provide the best precision and accuracy.
  • Licensed, Insured, and Bonded – Our team is fully licensed, insured, and bonded. This way, you know that you’re getting a team that you can trust.
  • Latest Technology – We use the latest and best technology in our sandblasting services. With our up to date technology, you get the complete and fast resurfacing that you need for your project.
  • Quick, Convenient, and Friendly Service – It’s not enough for us to get the job done right. We’re also committed to providing quick, convenient, and friendly service. We’ll do our best to fit into your schedule, and we’re happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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