Sand blasting, soda blasting, and dustless blasting can be used for a wide variety of purposes ranging from preparing a car for a new coat of paint, cleaning rust off tools so they can be used, getting rid of unsightly graffiti, and more.

Which type of blasting to use for the job?

This process is highly versatile and effective; however, it’s important to know which type of blasting to use. Depending on the material being treated and the purpose, either sand blasting, soda blasting, or dustless blasting should be used to achieve the desired outcome.

For example, soda blasting was created in 1972 as a means to blast the Statue of Liberty safely. This was a better solution than traditional sand blasting because the statue is made of copper, a soft metal, which would not have withstood traditional sand blasting methods well.

Extreme Blasting of Tallahassee is the solution

At Extreme Blasting, our team is highly skilled and experienced in the use of each of these methods. We know that different surfaces, whether it be wood, chrome, concrete, concrete, metals, or glass, require one type of blasting over another.

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