If you are using a blasting method to clean a fiberglass boat, stucco house, metal car, wooden deck or another object, different blasting methods will be ideal for each. When in doubt, consult an expert in surface preparation for advice on which blasting method will work for your needs. Below are some of the unique strengths of each method.


Sandblasting is used for all kinds of stripping, surface preparation, rust removal and restoration. This commercial method uses sand or another type of material to abrade the surface of a heavy-duty vehicle or other object. This process is effective for removing rust from cars. It is also used in paint removal. Sandblasting provides a quick and effective method of removal.

  • Sand Blasting media options: Sand, coal slag, crushed glass, dry ice, coconut shells, and more.
  • Best for: Heavy duty rust, paint or other surface pollutant removal, (large machines, cars, buildings as well as household tools).

Dustless Blasting: Versatile, Quick, Clean

This method uses water to “weigh down” the airborne debris from blasting. The blasting medium is combined with water before leaving the blasting gun/nozzle, causing the resulting “dust” or debris to falls to the ground, because it’s heavier than air due to the water content. Dustless blasting can be done with a variety of blasting media (any particle that is trash-free, abrasive, and uniform in size).

  • Dustless Blasting media options: Aluminum oxide, recycled glass bead (an environmentally friendly option) and many more.
  • Best for: Cleaning, stripping, restoring and blasting surfaces like fiberglass, metal or wood restoration, (cars, automotive, boats, marine, decks, residential commercial) and even graffiti removal or toxic coating removal (asbestos, etc.)

Soda Blasting: Gentler, Less Powerful

Soda blasting uses a form of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate crystals) as the blasting medium. Soda cleans or strips the paint or coating rather gently, typically without causing damage or pitting. It’s biodegradable, water-soluble (for easy cleanup) and eco-friendly.

  • Soda Blasting media options: Soda only.
  • Best for: Delicate jobs, can leave gel coat intact. Removes smoke damage/soot and odor, removes paint, coating or light rust from plastic, wood, chrome, concrete, fiberglass or glass.
  • Not good for: Heavy-duty rust removal.

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