Consider Pressure Washing Your Home Before Listing It for Sale

pressure washing

With the novel coronavirus on the rise, now isn’t exactly the best time to sell a house. Health and wellness demand social distancing right now, which means avoiding crowds and staying at least six feet away from other people. However, if you’re working from home now and have some extra time on your hands, you can get some pre-listing work out of the way. For example, have you considered pressure washing your house before you list it? Here are some reasons why many homeowners brighten their houses with pressure washing before putting them on the market. 

Pressure Washing Adds Curb Appeal 

Even under normal circumstances, curb appeal matters when it comes to selling a house. Your home’s curb appeal serves as its first impression. It’s what convinces people to take a closer look. A lot of people start their home search by taking a day or so to drive past homes for sale. They make mental notes of the homes that look appealing, and they cross non-appealing homes off of their lists. You’ll definitely want your home to be in the first category, and that’s where pressure washing comes into play. Pressure washers can remove years of built-up dirt and dullness, leaving nothing but brightness in their place. 

Pressure Washing Options 

Next, pressure washing makes a great choice because there are so many things that you can do with it. You can use it for the outside walls of your home, of course. You can also use it for walkways, driveways, and similar hard surfaces. All of these places contribute to your home’s appearance, and they all take on a dull look after a few years. They get dull so gradually that we usually don’t notice it happening, but once a pressure washer reveals what’s underneath, you’ll be amazed at how clean these places can be. 

Make It Extreme  

The best choice for pressure washing is always a professional service. Professional cleaners know all of the techniques for getting hard-to-reach places, and they have specific training for the job. If you’re looking for expert pressure washers, then you need to call the Extreme team here in Tallahassee. We’re the experts on all things clean, both inside and outside the home. We use the latest tools and technology in our services. Get in touch with us today to learn more. Let’s get your home looking its best before you list it for sale.


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